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MLAT93ZW4KClient - Fixed an issue where the spell check dialog went behind the Notes window giving the impression that Notes was hung. This issue is seen...
CSMHAX2PPSClient - Mac - Fixed an issue where users were unable to edit (backspace or overwrite) the value in the Search toolbar.
ADEEC5YHVHClient - Drag and Drop - Fixed an issue with the Notes Client where Drag and Drop of an attachment from Notes to Chrome or Firefox browser would...
ECRAB8USGYClient - Toolbars - Fixed an issue where customized toolbar settings were reset to default setting when restarting Notes. This regression was...
HOKA94NCQWClient - Mail - Fixed an issue where sending an email to both an internal and an external user where Cancelling from the Internet Mail Format prompt...
ANIABX2CGRClient - Folders - Fixed an issue with newly created folders in outlines whose name contained Japanese Katakana were sometimes being replaced with an...
PDARBYGHXWClient - Calendar - Fixed an issue where 'Entry not found in index' error was displayed when opening calendar entry in month view
PPUEBYYHVSClient - Mac - Big Sur - Fixed a crash that would occur Mac Big Sur version 11.2x in Apple CoreGraphics method ...
PCHNBYYKG9Client - Toolbars - Fixed an issue where the Search toolbar was not being shown upon restart of Notes when using Operating System theme. This...
AYAVBZDA6WClient - Search Bar - Fixed an issue with View search bar where the search button was not displaying as disabled when no text was entered in the...
HNAKC3VCBBClient - Mail - Fixed an issue where Notes would become unresponsive when drag and drop an email into the Follow Up mini view. This regression was...
ASIAC4HRF6Client - Workspace - Fixed an issue were Workspace pages were being duplicated after updating to 12.0. This issue would occur when user has...
BKANC4XNS6Client - Install - Fixed an issue where the German Notes client installed the cacert.pem file in the wrong subdirectory. Workaround was to copy the...
CSAA9VME3HClient - Signatures - Fixed an issue where the Notes client would hang when opening any email with an animated gif file in the...
KJEG9XXR5TClient - Mail - Fixed an issue where user cannot save an email using File>Save As>type .Eml file when the email subject contains a tab...
SSIHBJ4E96Client - Attachments - Fixed an issue where .eml attachments within a mail message that contains Arabic or Chinese characters in the subject were...
MRATBP6EVPMail - Calendar - Fixed an issue with Calendar preferences where selecting a category that contains a double quote character when defining Category...
ATHNBQ96R5Client - Mail - Fixed an issue with mail rules where client mail rules were not working if the rule was looking for Subject containing square...
SAHNBWEKHDClient - Mail - Fixed an issue where the font would change when reopening a saved draft mail message, changing the draft, re-saving as draft then...


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